Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Singapore : Banana Leaf Temptation

Singapore becomes the Food capital of Asia. Singaporeans are passionate about food and eating. Look around everywhere! Almost in every corner of the island, you will find an endless variety of food influenced by Malay muslims, Chinese and Indian, served both hot or cold, at any hour of the day (or endess night)! No one there will go hunger. It's also very hard for dietwatchers to prevent fried food they eat. It smells great in everywhere when we walk on the road or the house we were living. We can also see array of small shops like kovil kadai selling not only variety of food but also toys, dresses for both adults and kids, fruits and other small items at a cheaper rate. We stayed there for 9 years.
Sambal Prawns, Red crab curry, Idiyappam, Fish head curry, Chicken masala, Roti Canai also called Roti Prata, Murtabak should not be missed there. All the foods in every indian restaurants will serve them with the big Banana leaf.
Great taste and aroma in every meal from the Banana Leaf.
Seafood :
Long Beans Sambal with Prawns


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