Thursday, March 27, 2008

Street Food : Convenient, cheap and tasty treats

Street foods are simply spectacular and very convenient to eat with variety of food from different places in any parts of the world at a cheaper rate.
I love to tour street foods in those places where I visited in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and US. I had enough time to shop till last drop as I can enjoy with street foods when I feel hungry at any time.
In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, street vendors have more competitions and so they pay more attention to their customers to satisfy their course of meals. Customers enjoyed to explore variety of food from them. I find street foods there are much cheaper when compared to India. Their foods are fresh, clean and neatly packed to take home. I can see many busy street vendors wear plastic cap and wore gloves for Food Hygiene. It's save to eat there.
I am not allowed to eat street food in Chennai. I became crazy of the sight of street foods like masala sundal, masala pori, pani puri etc. My hubby and my amma shouted at me as it's dirty and cleanliness. To me, it's hard to resist.

Pav Bhaji


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